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By Terry Schilling

‘Unplanned’ Is The Courageous Abortion Film We’ve Been Waiting For

We often think about the issue of abortion through the lens of politics. Should taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood? Should abortion be legal in the...

By Daniel Schneider

FCC Must Prevent Extortion by Local Governments

If you want less of something, tax it more. That’s exactly what a number of states and cities are doing to the internet — shackling it with unlawful...

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by Daniel Schneider

How Trump can curb government over-reach

Families and small businesses would benefit from transparency by federal regulatorsOur nation alone was founded on the proposition that We the...

Pr Bethany Beach
Just Two Lawmakers Awarded for Conservative Voting Records

ACUF Releases Scores of the Delaware General Assembly

Alexandria, VA—The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has just released its ratings of the 2018 meeting of the Delaware General...

Full Transparency Of Scientific Data In Rulemaking Process Pr

ACU Joins Conservative Coalition Calling for Full Transparency of Scientific Data in Rulemaking Process

The American Conservative Union (ACU) joined a number of coalition partners urging President Trump to issue a bold and much needed executive order...