ACU Foundation Releases Ratings of Ohio General Assembly

Conservatism of Ohio Lawmakers Rises—87 Members Earn Awards for Voting Records

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ACU Foundation Releases Ratings of Ohio General Assembly

Conservatism of Ohio Lawmakers Rises—87 Members Earn Awards for Voting Records

Alexandria, VA—The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has just released its ratings for the 131st meeting of the Ohio General Assembly. These ratings, a portion of the comprehensive and nationwide ratings released by ACUF, are designed to reflect how elected officials view the role of government and illustrate how both chambers of the legislature and individual members prioritize a wide variety of issue areas that directly affect Ohioans.

ACUF reviewed each piece of legislation voted on in both the Senate and House to produce average scores for each chamber as well as individual scores for each sitting member.

Ohio legislators took pen to paper on various issues during the 131st legislative session.

In one or both chambers, they voted to:

  • improve voting standards by requiring IDs for early voting;
  • prevent the further expansion of Medicaid, the state’s largest spending program;
  • cut taxes by expanding business pass-through deductions;
  • increase transparency by requiring the Ohio Department of Education to report how federal funds are spent;
  • reduce fraud in government assistance programs by verifying eligibility for benefits; and
  • protect against executive branch overreach into the constitutional authority of the legislative branch to make budgetary and funding decisions.

“We applaud Ohio lawmakers for pursuing commonsense conservative reforms by reducing the tax burden on Ohio families, preventing unaffordable entitlement expansion, and making it tougher for unconscionable scam artists to defraud programs designed to benefit the poor,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “While Republicans couldn’t unite on energy deregulation, they earned a 97 percent ACUF average rating this session and ensured that the Ohio General Assembly is one of the 10 most conservative legislatures in the nation for 2017.”

ACUF issues awards to recognize members who vote with ACUF’s position at least 80% of the time. This session, those members included:

Award for Conservative Excellence (90%-100%):

Sens. Bacon, Balderson, Beagle, Burke, Coley, Gardner, Hackett, Hite, Hoagland, Hottinger, Huffman, Jordan, Larose, Lehner, Obhof, Oelslager, Peterson, Terhar, Uecker, Wilson; and Reps. Anielski, Arndt, Becker, Blessing, Brenner, Brinkman, Butler, Carfagna, Cupp, Dean, Dever, DeVitis, Edwards, Faber, Gavarone, Ginter, Gonzales, Goodman, Green, Greenspan, Hagan, Hambley, Henne, Hill, Householder, Huffman, Hughes, Johnson, Keller, Kick, Koehler, Landis, Lanese, Latourette, Lipps, Manning, McColley, Merrin, Patton, Pelanda, Perales, Reineke, Retherford, Rezabek, Riedel, Roegner, Romanchuk, Rosenberger, Ryan, Schaffer, Scherer, Schuring, Seitz, Slaby, Smith, R., Sprague, Stein, Thompson, Vitale, Wiggam and Young.

Award for Conservative Achievement (80%-89%):

Sens. Dolan, Kunze, Manning; and Reps. Antani, Duffey and Hood.

Members who scored 10% or less resisted any commonsense conservative reforms and qualified for ACUF’s “Coalition of the Radical Left.” This session, those members included:

Sens. Skindell and Thomas; and Reps. Clyde, Howse, Ingram, Kelly, Smith, K. and Strong Sykes.

Average scores of each chamber increased from last session, with the Senate improving by 12 points (62 percent to 74 percent) and the House improving by 17 points (58 percent to 75 percent). Senate and House Republicans averaged 97 percent and 98 percent, respectively.

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