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FIRST STEP Act Will Prepare Prisoners to Leave Prison Better Than They Enter

Conservatives Praise Passage of Prison Reform Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: David Safavian, 202-347-9388Alexandria, VA – May 22, 2018 - The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) hailed...

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“Families Are the Key to Successful Reform,” Says ACU General Counsel

American Conservative Union Participates in White House Prison Reform Summit

CONTACT: Ian WaltersCommunications Director, 202.347.9388 David SafavianGeneral Counsel, 202.255.0775Washington DC – Last week, the Office of...

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ACU Foundation Releases Ratings of Ohio General Assembly

Conservatism of Ohio Lawmakers Rises—87 Members Earn Awards for Voting Records

For Immediate Release ACU Foundation Releases Ratings of Ohio General Assembly Conservatism of Ohio Lawmakers Rises—87 Members Earn Awards for...

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By ACUF's Senior Fellow for Government Reform Larry Hart.

How rescissions are peeling back modest amounts of wasteful spending

As Congress proceeds to trash the Trump administration’s fiscally sound budget proposals for fiscal 2019 and implement the bloated budget deal that...

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“The American people need to know what its own intelligence agencies did in this campaign,” says Matt Schlapp on the Mueller Investigation.

“If it’s just about collusion than the American people want to know the answer,” but “if it’s not collusion they don’t want to hear about it,” says...

“We have an innovation economy. If we allow the Chinese to take our innovation, we don’t have an economy,” says Chang.

"I believe it should not only be maximum pressure on North Korea but also on its major power sponsors; Russia, but more particularly China." "You...

Chairman Matt Schlapp calls out Comey, saying “this charade has to stop.”

“The idea that he concocted memos for the sole purpose of prosecuting a case against Donald Trump and the press is a violation of the oath he took …...

“Iran and North Korea; you can’t trust them but you can inspect them."

"The real question is whether President Trump will use the elements of American power to disarm North Korea. We can certainly do it with force but we...


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