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CARDENAS: Obama charisma not working in foreign policy

One of the most talked-about and tweeted segments of the final presidential debate on foreign policy involved President Obama’s Middle East tour at the beginning of his term. This tour, incidentally, did not include a stop in Israel— a country that the president has never visited while in office.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Trick or Treat: It’s Obama’s Plans for Medicare that Should Really Scare You!

At every stage of this election, President Barack Obama has tried to scare you and our nation’s seniors about the Medicare plan proposed by Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan. However, on the Presidential debate stage he shared with Romney in Colorado Obama's stale attacks on the Republicans' plan fell flat, and he was left defending his own abysmal record on cutting Medicare.

A letter from the American Conservative Union and the Institute for Liberty to Fellow Conservatives

Dear Fellow Conservative Leaders,

Our organizations share a commitment to preserving freedom and capitalism in America’s market economy - from preventing unnecessary government interference in the marketplace to protecting individual property rights. We at ACU and IFL are concerned that, when it comes to ticket sales and resales, the new practice of “restrictive ticketing” represents a threat to free market forces and property rights.

The LIBRE Initiative, The Heritage Foundation and The American Conservative Union Host “A Presidential Debate Watch Party & Forum” in Boca Raton, FL

Washington, D.C.  – The Libre Initiative (LIBRE), The Heritage Foundation, and The American Conservative Union will host “A Presidential Debate Watch Party & Forum” event in Boca Raton, Florida, on Monday, October 22, 2012. Guests will have the opportunity to network, watch the debate, and participate in pre-debate panels of notable Hispanics that will address issues of importance to all Americans.

WHO: LIBRE, The Heritage Foundation and The American Conservative Union

ACU’s Cardenas: Debates Winning Independents for Romney

The presidential debates have transformed the race, moving independent voters toward Mitt Romney and giving him momentum in the final weeks of the campaign, Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, tells Newsmax.

Santelli: "You Can't Change History"

In his 'Santelli Exchage,'; Rick criticizes Democrats for not passing legislation on jobs, debt, or deficits when the party had a 'filibuster proof' majority in the Senate while also controlling the White House and the House of Representatives for six months in 2009 and 2010.

Energized Romney again slams ‘trickle-down government’

In his first public appearance since his well-received presidential debate showing, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a surprise appearance here Thursday morning before a thrilled audience at CPAC Colorado, a gathering of conservative activists meeting here.

Mitt Romney Makes Surprise CPAC Colorado Appearance with Sons

DENVER, CO. – The American Conservative Union (ACU) had the privilege of having GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney give a surprise speech shortly after his sons Tagg, Matt, Josh, and Craig took the stage at CPAC Colorado. The day after his successful debate with President Obama in Denver, Gov. Romney fired up the CPAC audience speaking about his plan to improve the American economy and the importance of this election.

ACU National Poll Shows Romney Leads Obama by 4 Points in Colorado

DENVER, CO – The American Conservative Union (ACU) announced today the release of a national poll at the site of our third regional CPAC, in Denver, Colorado. The poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates has a national sample of 1000 likely voters and an oversample of 300 likely Coloradan voters.