Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on South Carolina's Senate Vacancy

"On behalf of the American Conservative Union, I urge South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to make history and appoint Representative Tim Scott to the United States Senate. A strong conservative leader, Rep. Scott has an ACU rating of 96 and was elected as one of two members chosen by his colleagues to represent the 85 member Republican freshmen class at the leadership table."


The Time For Meaningful Immigration Reform Is Now

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas Congratulating Senator Jim DeMint

"On behalf of the American Conservative Union, I offer heartfelt congratulations to Senator Jim DeMint on his new role as the President of The Heritage Foundation. With a lifetime ACU Rating of over 97%, he has been an indispensable conservative leader in the Senate and we look forward to continuing to work with him to advance the important cause of liberty and limited government.

An Open Letter to U.S. House and Senate Republicans

Dear Republican U.S.Representatives and Senators:

You are entering into a period of testing.

In the House, the nation elected in 2012 one of the largest Republican majorities in the past 100 years.  You have a mandate to fight for conservative principles that is arguably much broader than the one that narrowly reelected President Barack Obama claims to have for his leftist agenda.

Of course, House Republicans alone cannot pass a law, but united you can stop any bill which violates the principles you publicly committed to support.

Statement by American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas on the Upcoming Fiscal Cliff

The federal government does not have a revenue problem.  It has a spending problem.  Four years of trillion dollar deficits, massive increases in government regulation and the threat of higher taxes have given the United States the weakest recovery from a recession since World War II.  There is no economic reason that higher taxes need to be part of a solution to the so-called “fiscal cliff” and the American Conservative Union will oppose any effort to raise taxes that will prevent increased revenue that comes from economic growth.

STUDY: state and local governments are carrying over $7 trillion in debt.

New research produced by Harvard's Institute of Politics (IOP), the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government and the American Education Foundation (AEF) finds state and local governments are carrying over $7 trillion in debt.  The new 'State of the States' report also offers nonpartisan analysis on the FY 2011 finances and budgets of four U.S.

Norquist's Demise Exaggerated

The late Senator Eugene McCarthy once famously said political reporters are like blackbirds on a telephone wire: Whenever one flies off to alight upon another wire, all the others follow. The Washington press corps was in full McCarthy flight the past week after Grover Norquist, founder and leader of the anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform and custodian of the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” signed by hundreds of congressional members, appeared for lunch at the Center for the National Interest. The press corps promptly pounced upon Norquist with glee.

CARDENAS: Republicans too white, male, old

Republicans did not win in 2012 because we are too white, too male and too old. Some still don’t want to face the truth that we lost because the fastest-growing sectors of our population are entrenched in the Democratic Party. We did not win because Republicans failed to acknowledge this reality and move forward fearlessly. If that doesn’t change, we will not just be committing political malpractice. It will be political suicide.

Conservative Movement Stands United During Lame Duck Session

Conservatives remain committed to preventing the devastating economic effects of tax hikes and excessive government spending.  We have sent the following message to Congress which can also be found here:

Conservative Movement Stands United During Lame Duck Session

Opposes Tax Hikes, Insists on BCA Spending Reductions

November 13, 2012

Dear Member of Congress,

The Midnight Messages of Mr. Romney and President Obama

by Joseph  A.  Morris

The wisdom of the Framers in establishing the Electoral College, and not in having us choosing our chief magistrate by raw popular vote, is seen once again.

Even though, at this hour, we do not know whether or not Mr. Obama has won a majority of the popular vote across this nation, there is no doubt but that he has won a landslide in the Electoral College.  His victory is decisive and his claim on office is legitimate.  In a world that is uncertain, dangerous, and rude, Americans should be grateful for this.