Statement from ACU Executive Director Gregg Keller on the President’s Budget Proposal

We at the American Conservative Union are especially dismayed to see a continuation of the President Obama’s tax and spend policies in the budget he finally released.

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on Today's New York Times Article

The federal government wastes billions of dollars every single year on programs where it has no legitimate role. That is wrong and government needs to be smaller and leaner. ACU believes in the current budget framework supported by conservatives in Congress. Within the fiscal parameters of that budget we also believe in further reductions in other areas to accommodate adequate spending levels in defense and infrastructure.

William F. Buckley Jr. and CPAC’s Mission

CPAC is another week distant.

Speakers announced. Cue the usual controversies.

This year’s controversy awards go to the alleged “snubbing” of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — a speaker last year but not invited this year. Another winner in the controversy department is the decision not to have official participation by a gay group — GOP Proud .

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on Use of Drones for Domestic Law Enforcement

"The American Conservative Union commends the Virginia General Assembly for passing legislation that would place a two year moratorium on the use of drones by local police and governments and urges states all over the country to follow suit.

ACU Announces Governor Jeb Bush to Address CPAC 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The American Conservative Union (ACU) today announced former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will address CPAC 2013 – the 40th annual Conservative Political Action Conference. America’s largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists will be held Thursday, March 14 – Saturday, March 16, 2013.

“We are pleased to announce that my friend Governor Jeb Bush will be a featured speaker at CPAC 2013,” said ACU Chairman Al Cardenas. “We look forward to welcoming Governor Jeb Bush to the CPAC stage for the first time in March.”

Declaración de Al Cárdenas Sobre Propuesta Reforma Migratoria

"Me parece que un creciente número de demócratas y republicanos en el Congreso han llegado a un acuerdo basado en principios comunes para reformar el sistema de inmigración del país.

Felicito a legisladores de ambos partidos en la creación de un marco responsable para tratar éste asunto.  Transformar estos principios en un paquete legislativo no será fácil, pero el Senado ha tenido un buen comienzo y exhorto a que la Cámara de Representantes sigan en sus pasos.

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on Immigration Legislation

“It seems that a growing number of Democrats & Republicans in Congress have found common ground on agreed-upon principles for immigration reform.

Congratulations to both sides of the aisle in forging a responsible framework today. Difficult days lay ahead in working out specifics on the legislation itself, but the Senate is off to a good start and I encourage the House to follow suit.

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on the U.S. Court of Appeals Recess Appointment Ruling

"This ruling should give President Obama pause in his continuing effort to run the country through executive orders and agency rulings and regulations. It helps restore the system of checks and balances that is a vital part of our constitutional government. Hopefully, others are poised to challenge in the Courts other unconstitutional power grabs taken by this administration's assault on our Constitution."


Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas on the Latest Fiscal Cliff Proposal

Statement from ACU Chairman Al Cardenas:

Fixing Our Visa System

Let me introduce you to Paul, a highly skilled immigrant who came to this country in 1962. When he landed in New York City, he was stranded. He had spent most of his assets traveling to the U.S., leaving him without enough money to travel from New York to Oregon, where he was scheduled to begin his Ph.D. program. But he had a vision of a better life for his family, so he didn’t despair. After a frantic call, he was wired the money to make the trip across the country.