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Proposed FCC Rule Change Returns Power to Consumers Instead of Government

April 27, 2017

Chairman Ajit Pai’s bold move revives free-market principles, ends Obama-era moves against speech

WASHINGTON DC – The American Conservative Union (ACU) applauded Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai’s move to reduce and redirect the role of the federal government in American’s lives by scaling back Obama-era regulations to allow Americans to have better access to the internet.

ACU stands for the right of the people to express themselves without government censorship or interference. This is a central tenant on which our nation was founded.  Similarly, we stand for free market competition since it respects the rights of the people to use their property freely, and because it produces the best possible services for consumers at the best prices. Innovation is stifled without it.  That is why the government should never favor one company over another, but should instead allow open competition within the law.

The prior FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, was unable to find any market failure or consumer harm, so he instead implemented what his White House controllers referred to as “President Obama’s Plan” (despite the fact that the FCC by law is supposed to be independent of the White House).  The FCC has a duty to the American people to allow them the opportunity to make choices based on their desire for different types of services. It also has a duty to operate independent of the White House.

Tom Wheeler instead chose to use the power of the FCC to take over 1/6th of the economy and to weaponize the FCC against those who hold views different from his own. To use the FCC to intimidate and censor people and private companies is an abuse of power, anti-First Amendment, and un-American.

Chairman Pai should be commended for commonsense and transparent reforms and for adhering to a rulemaking process that invites public scrutiny and debate, unlike his predecessor.  We stand with Chairman Pai and his commitment to American consumers and their right to choose a service provider which best meets their needs.




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