Dear Fellow Conservative,

Trick or Treat: It’s Obama’s Plans for Medicare that Should Really Scare You!

At every stage of this election, President Barack Obama has tried to scare you and our nation’s seniors about the Medicare plan proposed by Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan. However, on the Presidential debate stage he shared with Romney in Colorado Obama's stale attacks on the Republicans' plan fell flat, and he was left defending his own abysmal record on cutting Medicare.

In fact, it was Romney who told the truth when he highlighted two aspects of Obama's signature healthcare law that will weaken Medicare and hurt seniors. First, Romney has succinctly explained how $716 billion in cuts to Medicare that were used to pay for Obamacare will slash payments to your doctors and providers, reducing seniors' access to Medicare and lowering the quality of your care.

Second, Romney has offered a strong critique of another key feature of Obamacare, the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Romney accurately described IPAB as a panel of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who would ultimately be in charge of determining what kinds of treatments seniors can receive under the Medicare program. America deserves leaders that will confront the challenges that we face, not a board of "experts" who will stand between seniors and their doctors.

In the aftermath of the Colorado debate, independent fact checkers have verified Romney's assertions about the Obamacare cuts to Medicare and the creation of the IPAB. When confronted over his failed Medicare policies over the last 4 years and his actual $716 billion in cuts, Obama continues to blame the insurance companies and tries to scare voters.

The Romney-Ryan plan will protect you and our nation’s seniors and preserve Medicare. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan have made it crystal clear that there will be no changes to Medicare for current seniors or those 55 or over. Instead, the plan will give younger people the ability to choose between current Medicare or a private plan when they become eligible for Medicare, but it preserves traditional Medicare for anyone who chooses it. Rather than continuing on the current path that Medicare's own accountant says will leave the program bankrupt in 12 years, the choices offered seniors in the Romney-Ryan plan will guarantee that Medicare will be there for current and future enrollees by

controlling costs through competition among plans and more cost-sharing by higher-income seniors.

Rather than work with Republicans to try and improve and strengthen Medicare, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have now put forth yet another alarming proposal they hope you won’t find out about. At the Vice Presidential Debate, Biden made the case for a new $156 billion tax on Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit program which has successfully used free market principles to provide drugs for seniors at the lowest possible cost.

In Vice President Biden’s own words at the Vice Presidential Debate in Kentucky:

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: “Martha, if we just did one thing, if we just -- if they allow Medicare to bargain for the cost of drugs like Medicaid can, that would save $156 billion right off the bat.”

REP. RYAN: “And it would deny seniors choices.”

They also included this tax which they call a “rebate” in President Obama’s budget earlier this year. Studies have shown that President Obama’s proposed tax on Part D will result in seniors paying more for drugs and premium hikes of 20-40%. Now that is scary.

It might be October, but after four years President Obama has run out of tricks on Medicare. No wonder he would rather talk about Big Bird than attempt to explain his dreadful record on Medicare which includes billions in cuts, new taxes on drugs and a Board that will dictate what treatments seniors receive.


Al Cardenas


American Conservative Union

Colin Hanna


Let Freedom Ring

Andresen Blom

Executive Director,

American Principles in Action

Phil Kerpen


American Commitment

Todd Cefaratti

Editor, Tea Party News Network,

Amy Kremer


Tea Party Express

Janice Shaw Crouse, PhD

Director and Senior Fellow,

Beverly LaHaye Institute

Andrew Langer


Institute for Liberty

Mike Long


Conservative Party of New York State

Ralph Reed


Faith & Freedom Coalition

James L. Martin


60 Plus Association

Dee Stewart


Americans for a Balanced Budget

Ryan McCann

Executive Director,

Indiana Family Action

Lewis K. Uhler


National Tax Limitation Committee

Tom McClusky

Sr. Vice President,

Family Research Council Action

Kevin Walters


The Patriots’ Project

Penny Nance

CEO and President,

Concerned Women for America

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