ACU Says NO to “Comprehensive Patent Reform”

July 24, 2015



As part of ACU’s long-term strategy to stand up against those who seek to take advantage of American inventors, we are pleased to continue our online campaign designed to educate Americans about the issue.

Liberals have always been hostile to property rights of any kind, and as a result President Obama and his allies in Congress, and his corporate allies who would benefit from weaker protections have been pushing for a government-led patent overhaul. ACU seeks to counter the reckless utopian liberal dream of a patent-free society by educating our members and conservative activists across America of the patent protections written into our U.S. Constitution that have made America an unrivaled leader in global innovation.


Patent Crisis?

Patent Legislation is NOT Tort Reform

Our Patent System Doesn’t Need an Overhaul

Liberal Silicon Valley Elitists Should NOT Rip Off the Work of American Inventors


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The ACU held a series of panels discussing the importance of strong intellectual property rights. Some of the best thought-leaders in that field participated and helped create awareness about promoting strong property rights.


Keys to Innovation: The Imperative for Strong Intellectual Property Rights (Washington, DC)

Keys to Innovation: Keeping America’s Competitive Advantage (Lexington, KY)

Keys to Innovation: Keeping America’s Competitive Advantage (Dallas, TX)



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ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp on MSNBC: 9/28/2015


ACU Announces 5 New Board Members

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 25, 2015

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ACU Announces Five New Board Members

Washington, DC


By: Larry Hart, Senior Fellow, American Conservative Union Foundation

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[Watch] ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp on CNN

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp appeared on CNN on 9/18/15.


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