Published Date: 
Tue, 2014-01-28

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Today the following letter was sent to U.S. Representatives on H.R. 2642, the farm bill conference report. 

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the American Conservative Union, I urge you to vote “NO” on H.R. 2642, the farm bill conference report. 

This 949 page bill will be brought to a vote less than 48 hours from being introduced with little debate and little opportunity for members of the House to learn what is in it and give it careful consideration.

The House is already on record insisting that agricultural subsidies and food stamps be considered separately, yet this bill once again and is a step back from a bill we opposed on principle and its potential cost.  Although the bill eliminates direct payments, it creates new subsidy programs that will be even more expensive by pegging prices to sky-high commodity prices that have already fallen since the bill was written.  The bill eliminates 80 percent of the House bill’s savings in the food stamp program and guts the modest work requirement by eliminating any incentive for states to adopt it.  The bill continues the absurd payment to the Brazilian Cotton Institute to prevent them from imposing retaliatory tariffs based on the U.S. cotton program that violates WTO rules.

We had hoped that this new farm bill would take some steps toward reform of these outdated programs, but it does not.  Please vote “NO” on H.R. 2642, the farm bill conference report.



Larry Hart

Director of Government Relations

American Conservative Union