Published Date: 
Thu, 2014-05-22

Washington, D.C. – Today, ACU Executive Director Dan Schneider issued the following statement in response to the years of mismanagement in President Obama’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

“For years, President Obama has ignored the calls to fix the systemic problems at the VA. After five and a half years, the VA has more problems than any person can be expected to fix alone. But under this Administration, Secretary Shinseki has failed to meet the obligations owed to our nation’s heroes. 

Secretary Shinseki should do the honorable thing and resign to put pressure on the President to work for the right reforms. President Obama signaled yesterday that he would block attempts to improve the way we provide health care services to our veterans.

He must work with Congress and veterans groups to find immediate solutions to the many problems at the Department. We are in dire need of accountability in the White House and it is disgraceful that it has to come on the backs of the Americans who have given so much.”