Each semester, the American Conservative Union selects talented college students and recent graduates for its unpaid internship program. The ACU Internship Program provides a unique professional development experience designed to give participants first-hand knowledge of the state of the American conservative movement and our efforts to grow and strengthen it. Interns are tasked with a number of responsibilities, from assisting in grassroots advocacy to helping plan and present our annual CPAC event, the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservatives. For each semester – spring, summer and fall – the ACU selects one intern to support the below departments.

Each prospective intern, regardless of desired specialty, should: possess a genuine interest in supporting the conservative movement; be detail-oriented, energetic and trustworthy; have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and popular social networking platforms; posses good research skills; and be a team player with the ability to work in fast-paced environment.

Internships are divided into three semesters and are offered in three distinct areas (CPAC, Communications, and Government Relations).

The ACU is now accepting applications for the Summer 2014 semester. Interested candidates should fill out the form, below.

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Government Relations
Please rank which area you desire with the most desired at the top of the list.
Please begin with the most recent position held. Include name of firm or organization, dates of employment, job title and duties. What are your long-term professional goals? Please provide three references. Please list their name, phone number and relationship to you.
Why do you want to intern at the American Conservative Union? Which leaders do you most admire? What are the qualities you think we’re looking for in an intern? What do you think your role/responsibilities should be as an intern? How do you expect to benefit from an ACU internship and advance the idea of conservatism while doing so?
If so, what language?
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