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GOP Sellouts Force a Failed System on All Americans

July 28, 2017

GOP Sellouts Force a Failed System on All Americans

(ALEXANDRIA, VA) – The Obamacare death spiral continues despite the fact that it has been clear for years that action must be taken for Americans to be able to purchase the kind of health insurance they want and need. The American Conservative Union (ACU) has supported efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare as GOP members of the House and Senate have promised for years. But last night some Republicans broke their promise, sinking efforts to move forward on dismantling the failed healthcare law President Obama and Democrats put in place seven years ago.

Americans are in need of relief as insurance premiums continue to rise, deductibles continue to be too high, and insurers flee the marketplace leaving consumers with little or no choice at all.  We had hoped that the Senate would move forward to advance legislation to remove as much of Obamacare from law as possible. Tragically, three “Republican” sellouts sided with liberals in the Senate to force this failed healthcare system on all Americans.

ACU understands that Obamacare must be torn out by the roots.  That is why we have fought for seven years to repeal this law that has distorted the healthcare market, driven prices through the roof, and left Americans wondering how they will pay for the increased costs to take care of their families.

Repealing costly Obamacare taxes, advancing pro-life provisions, restoring free-market principles, and ensuring state flexibility are all things that would help American households and businesses across the country.  Those positive changes could have been achieved with just a ONE more vote, but instead Senators Collins (ACU 2016 Rating: 23%), McCain (ACU Lifetime Rating: 82%), and Murkowski (ACU 2016 Rating: 54%) chose to side with Democrats and keep Obamacare in place. This is unfortunate and disappointing, but ACU understands that the fight for conservative principles on healthcare reform is far from over.

ACU commends the hard work of Leader McConnell and many other Republicans in House and Senate who have worked in earnest to try and put together a plan for moving forward. We look forward to continuing this fight and working with all Republicans who are committed to keeping their promise on repeal and replacement of Obamacare.



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