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Creators’ Letter to Congress

March 10, 2015

Please read this important letter signed by over 1500 creators taking a stand for intellectual property rights.

Originally published by CreatorsAlliance.org

Dear Members of Congress,

We are members of the creative community. While our political views are diverse, as creatives, there are a few core principles on which we can all agree. We appreciate the opportunity to share our views with the 114th Congress.

We embrace the internet as a powerful democratizing force for our world and for creative industries.We recognize its ability to inspire positive change and improve lives. In our creative industries, the internet has helped to advance creativity by removing barriers to entry for newcomers, fostering a dialogue with fans and audiences, and providing numerous additional ways to reach them. The internet holds great potential to expand creativity and free expression.

We embrace a strong copyright system that rewards creativity and promotes a healthy creative economy. The internet is a revolutionary platform that connects the world. The incredible cultural and economic value that it delivers to billions of users is based in very large part on the efforts of creative content makers whose livelihoods depend on being compensated for their efforts. Technology companies are making massive profits from creatives’ contributions to the internet’s growth. It is not too much to ask that content creators should be compensated for the value they bring.

We proudly assert that copyright promotes and protects free speech. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression go hand in hand with the freedom to create and to preserve the value and integrity of what one creates. The copyright clause of the Constitution is not in conflict with the First Amendment. To creative people, self-expression is deeply personal. It is at the heart of everything creatives do. We view any effort to diminish the rights of creatives in the name of “free speech” as cynical and dishonest.

Copyright should protect creatives from those who would use the internet to undermine creativity. The internet can be a great tool for creatives, just as it can be a tool for science, education, health care, and many other disciplines. However, when misused, it can harm creativity and stifle freedom of expression. President Obama, who has consistently advocated for a free and open internet, acknowledged at Stanford last month, “It’s one of the great paradoxes of our time that the very technologies that empower us to do great good can also be used to undermine us and inflict great harm.” Pirate site operators who profit from stolen creative works with impunity are one obvious example of the latter.

Creatives must be part of the conversation and stand up for creativity. Some organizations and advocates, who in many cases are funded by technology companies, repeatedly claim to be pro-creatives and pro-audience to mask their own self-serving agenda. They denigrate or block effective efforts to preserve and promote creative content, including enforcement of existing laws and voluntary industry initiatives. The creative community is rightfully wary of any company or organization that claims to be “against piracy” when their actions do not match their words.

There is no “left” or “right” when it comes to respecting copyright. The creative community stands united in support of a copyright system that has made and continues to make the United States the global leader in the creative arts and the global paradigm for free expression. Our copyright system is not perfect but, like democracy, it is better than the alternatives. It works. We urge Congress to resist attempts to erode the right of creatives to determine when and how they share their works in the global marketplace.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute our views.

Chang Aaron Photographer
Diane Aboud Songwriter/Composer
Josh Achziger Musician
Miguel Aguayo Singer/Songwriter and Producer
Joseph Aguilar Artist
Eugenia Ahern Arts Supporter
Thelo Aiken Photographer
Bernardo Alayza Mujica Arts Supporter
Franck Allais Photographer
Louise Albrecht Writer
Susan Alcorn Writer
Anthony Aleman Photographer
Sharon Alex Songwriter/Visual Artist
Todd Alexander Inventor
Steve Allgeier Author/Actor/Songwriter
Matt Allison Recording Engineer
Jo Almeida Musician/Songwriter
Kevin Almonte Photographer/Painter/Writer
Jeff Amberg Photographer
Kalliope Amorphous Arts Supporter
Matt Anderson Photographer
Anthony Anderson Musician
Candis Anderson Arts Supporter
Holly Anderson Art Kane Archive
Ken Anderson Photographer
Lorelei Anderson Arts Supporter
Jane Anderson Photographer/Writer
David Andreone Arts Supporter
John Anen Arts Supporter
Stephen Ang Artist/Educator
James Aronovsky Photographer
Godfrey Aquilino Photographer
Helen Ashford Arts Supporter
Shirl Jae Atwell Composer
Michael Auda Photographer
Megan Avila Poet/Author
Angelica Awayan Photographer
David Ayers Songwriter
Eugene Ayres Author
Laurie Azzoto Painter
Paul Babelay Musician
Sharon Bach Performer/Composer
Johnny Bee Badanjek Musician/Painter
Jay Bader Songwriter
Craig Bailey Photographer
Fatima Baker Arts Supporter
Theodore Baker Graphic Designer
Maryellen Baker Photographer
Michael Baker Singer/Songwriter
Michele Balfour Arts Supporter
Louis Balicki Photographer
Eli Ball Arts Supporter
Derek Bargaehr Audio Engineer/Producer/Musician
Gery Bargen Writer
Dave Barnard Artist/Content Creator
David Barnett Musician
Niki Barrie Writer/Editor/Picture Editor
Olivia Barry Arts Supporter
David Bartholome Educator
Paul Barton Photographer
Dorie Barton Actor/Writer/Director
Crystal Basco Arts Supporter
Eric Baum Producer
Kim Baxley Visual Artist
Daniel Beach Singer/Songwriter
Rowena Beaumont Cherry Author
Eric Beauregard Photographer
William Beeman Musician
Stephen Bellomo Arts Supporter
Christina Renee Bellsnyder Arts Supporter
Yoel Ben Yehuda Composer
Rich Bengloff A2IM
Bianca Benincasa Arts Supporter
Greg Benson Commercial Photographer
Nell Beram Writer
Peter Berg Video Editor
Miriam Berkely Photographer
Carmelo Bernard Arts Supporter
John Bickerton Musician
Frank Biederer Arts Supporter
Kenneth Bird Arts Supporter
Steve Birkett Author
Russ Bishop Photographer
Steve Bisig Photographer
Solon Bixler Songwriter
George Blackett Photographer
Peter B. Blaikie Portrait Photographer
Terry Irene Blain Author
John Blake Musician
Anne-Kristine Blake Arts Supporter
Rebecca Blake Communication Designer
Travis Blake Producer/Engineer
Bill Blankenship Writer/Performer
Gail Blasingame Teacher/Actor/Speaker
Tye Block Silversmith/Jewelry Artist
Jason Block Arts Supporter
Teri Bloom Photographer
Heidi Bloomer Arts Supporter
Mary Blount Christian Book Author
David Bly Arts Supporter
Patricia Bode Writer
Richard Boll Photographer
Tony Bonanno Fine Arts Photographer
Jonathan Boose Songwriter /Musician
Jane Booth Fine Art/Editorial Photographer
Damon Booth Music Publisher
Neal Boren Artist
George Borkowski Music Industry Professional
John Bosher Filmmaker
Vic Bostock Arts Supporter
William Bowser Engineer/Producer
Ken Box Music and Video Composer/Producer
Beverley Bradshaw Arts Supporter
Larry Branson Arts Supporter
LarryPeter BransonBraune Photographer
Noel-Anne Brennan Author
Arthur Brewer Photographer
Stanley Brewster Photographer
Cindi Brobst Arts Supporter
Gary Brockhoff Songwriter
Carol Broll Ceramic Tile Artist
Ronna Bronstein Musician
Helene Bronstein Music industry
Sally Browder Music producer
Sylvia Brown Arts Supporter
Cabis Brown Gospel Music Writer
Bernie Brown Artist
Parker Brown-Nesbit Weaver/Spinner/Dyer
Carol Browning Musician
Tom Brownold Photographer
Robert Bruni Photographer
James Brunker Photographer
Theo Bruton Attorney
Allen Bryan Photographer
Bruce Buck Photographer
Monica Buck Photographer/Artist
William Buckley Writer
Mark Buckner Photographer
Janet Burak Writer
John Burke Composer/Producer
Maureen Burke Arts Supporter
John Burke Artist
J. W. Burkey Graphic Designer
Yvonne Burnley Music Law Attorney
Zack Burris Photographer
Bruce G. Burton Arts Supporter
Marilynn Byerly Novelist
Shane Cadman Composer/Performer
Juan Calvillo Photographer
Cami Cameron Arts Supporter
Sandra Campbell Artist
Paul Campbell Music Publisher
David Campbell Jr Songwriter
Brenda Cannon Songwriter
Junko Card Arts Supporter
Geraldine Card-Derr Writer
Joyce Carlson-Leavitt Arts Supporter
Cristana Carlton Songwriter
Rick Carnes Songwriter
Jeffrey Carolus Solo Artist/Songwriter
Teri Nelson Carpenter Music Publisher
Terri Carroll Arts Supporter
TerriDave CarrollCarter Photographer
Jerry Casey Composer
Paul Casper Musician/ Audio Editor
Jean Cassels Artist Illustrator
Ryan Cassidy Graphic Designer
Liane Casten Arts Supporter
Kat Caverly Photographer/Animator
Dwight Cendrowski Photographer
Terrance Chadd Arts Supporter
Martin Chapman Musician
Tom Chasteen Musician
Roberto Chavez Songwriter
James Chen Photographer
Kay Chernush Photographer
Antonia Chianis Composer
Andrew Chianis Writer
Linda Childers Arts Supporter
Carolyn Chris Fine Arts
Kim Christensen Photographer
Russell Christian Attorney
Malcolm Clark Songwriter/Producer
Malcolm Clark Musician
Santa Claus Writer/Actor (SAG-AFTRA & WGA)
Elise Clifton Songwriter/Singer/Artist
Chris Coady Producer
Scot Coahran Arts Supporter
Lisa Cohen Theater Technician
Annapoorne Colangelo Arts Supporter
Henry Coleman Arts Supporter
Burton Collins Songwriter
Mark Colmab Photographer
Neil Colton Photographer
Dave Combs Black Water Bride Musician
Scott Condos Songwriter
Stacey Conly Arts Supporter
Chuck Conner Photographer
Jan Constantine Arts Supporter
Liz Constantine Songwriter/Singer
Nicholas Conte Inventor
John Conte Photographer
Corren Conway Photographer
Barbara Cook Writer/Oil Painting
Bryan Cook Music Mixing Engineer
Brian Cooper Author
Princella Corder Music Publishing Specialist
Mera Cordova Singer/Songwriter/Poet
Craig Cornwall Music Publisher
Jim Corriere Arts Supporter
Monica Corton Music Publisher
Jorge Costa Songwriter /Producer
Sean Costello Photographer
Liz Cotten Illustrator
Jared Cowan Writer
Daniel Cox Photographer/Cinematographer
Martin Cox Photographer
Chris Crafford Photographer
Hal Cragin Songwriter
Gary Cralle Photographer/Writer
Michael Creagh Fashion Photographer
David Cree Photographer
Patricia Cronin Writer
Christine Crosby Photographer
Dylan Cross Photographer
Karen Cuiskelly Archivist
Leonard Curreri Composer
Richard Curry Arts Supporter
Robin Cushman Professional Photographer
Thomas Dahl Arts Supporter
Timothy Dalal Photographer
Donna Dale Arts Supporter
Sarah Danielson Writer
Dennis Dannehl Photographer
Robert Davenport Arts Supporter
Heather Davidson Arts Supporter
Ella Davidson Musical Artist Manager
Craig Davidson Prop Maker
Clark Davis Fine Arts Painter
Robin Davis Photographer
Kevin Davis Arts Supporter
Glen Davis Arts Supporter
Dana Davis Author
Susan Davis Writer/Author
Deanna Davoli Artist
zach Dawson Musician
Juanita Dawson-Rhodes Arts Supporter
Ruth Anne Dayton Arts Supporter
Louis Decarlo Photographer
Pete DeLorenzo Professional Comedian and Actor
Margaret DeMott Writer
Tamra Dempsey Photographer
Dennis Den Hartog Writer
Carolyn Dennison TV Makeup Artist
John Derryberry Photographer
Bill Deutschlander Engineer
Maria Dias Arts Supporter
Todd Diciurcio Fine Artist
Victoria Dickinson Visual Artist Advisor
Robert Diehl Photographer
Leslie Dillon Writer/Engineer
Paul Dillon Musician
Angela Disrud Photographer
Peter Distefano Photographer
Welton Doby III Commercial Photographer
David Doucot Photographer
Sue Dougherty Photographer
Mark Dougherty Graphic Artist
Helen Douglas Arts Supporter
Joan Downey Arts Supporter
Chris Draper Songwriter/Legal/Publisher
David Drapkin Photographer
David Drew Writer/Photographer/Video Producer
Michael Drewitz Photographer
Gerry Drummond Writer/Poet
Marcy Dugan Photographer
Michelle Duggan Photographer
Pat Duncan Arts Supporter
Fidencio Duran Painter
David Durbak Photographer
Samuel Durkin Arts Supporter
Tom Dwyer Composer
Terry Dycus Sound Engineer
James Dyrek Photographer
Alan Dyson Songwriter/Visual Artist
Susan Earle Arts Supporter
Thomas Eavenson Photographer
Tracy Eggert Arts Supporter
Mikael Eldridge Arts Supporter
Victor Elias Photographer
Randy Ellis Arts Supporter
Elaine Ellman Photographer
Margery Epstein Photographer/Jewelry Designer
John Eppstein Musician /Songwriter /Audio Engineer
Keris Escott Arts Supporter
Charles Eshelman Photographer/Filmmaker
Lyn Eskenazi Photographer/Photo Editor
Gregory Evans Writer
Michael Ewanus Photographer
Andrew Factor Independent Record Label Owner
Lisa Fairstein Visual Artist
Keith Fales Songwriter
James Falsken Photographer/Graphic Artist
Christopher Farber Photographer/ Director
Scott Farence Photographer
William Farence Arts Supporter
Adam Farmer Musician
Heath Farmer Songwriter/Composer/Musician
Justin Farrell Screen Writer
Kristine Fay Arts Supporter
Sherrie Feight Chef/Writer
Nora Feller Photographer
Jessica Ferguson Author
Jody Ferrill Arts Supporter
Brian Fewell Commercial Photographer
John Ficara Photographer
Sara Fisch Arts Supporter
Eric Fischer Photographer
Andrea Fisher Artist
Kevin Fitzgerald Musician
Susie Fitzhugh Photographer
Jonathan Flaugher Bass Player/Composer
Melissa Fleming Musician
John Fleming Arts Supporter
Jean Fleming Arts Supporter
Jay Fletcher Photographer
Cynthia Fleureton Painter /Jewelry Sculptor
Rosa Flores Arts Supporter
Jack Foley Photographer
Robert Foley Jr Arts Supporter
Kristin Forbes Arts Supporter
Karen Ford Author and Journalist
Bruce Forster Photographer
Lee Foster Author/Photographer
Sarah Foster Photography Editor
Caroline Fotouhi Songwriter
Ryan Fox Arts Supporter
Stephanie Fox Author
Julien Frank Music Publisher
David Franklin Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Peter Franzmann Writer
Sally Franzmann Writer
Hunter Freeman Photographer
Kristin Freeman Writer/Photographer/Artist
Jamie Frenn Photographer
Philip Frey Arts Supporter
Joshua Friedlander Music Industry Professional
Elisha Friedman Artist/Costume Designer
Brian Fruge Musician
Stephanie Fruge Freelance Writer
Shearle Furnish Arts Supporter
Matt Fuzz Musician
Charles Gabe Photographer
Shawna Gage Writer
Brian Gagnon Arts Supporter
Djanka Gajdel Photographer
Mark Galbraith Photographer
Gloria Gannaway Arts Supporter
Howard Gantman Arts Supporter
Beth Garcia Author
Armando Garcia Arts Supporter
Marie Garescher Arts Supporter
Susan Garriga Writer
Stephen Bond Garvan Artist Manager
Paul Gaschler Graphic Artist
Jeff Gartin Photographer
Larry Gassan Photographer
Kelly Gatlin Photographer
Pei Gausi Arts Supporter
Bruce Gaylord Photographer
Tina Gehrig Photographer
Derek Gendvil Arts Supporter
David Geno Photographer
Denise George Musician
Rose Germano Photographer
Steven Gibbons Photographer
Richard Gibbs Film Composer
Ruth Gick Arts Supporter
Mark Giese Arts Supporter
Katharine Gilbert Photographer
Johnnie Gillum Producer
Teresa Gingras Arts Supporter
Howard Girao Musician
Lynne Glaeske Musician
Bradford Glazier Photographer
Mitch Glazier Music Industry Professional
Michael Glenn Photographer
Michael Glover Photographer
Jami Gold Author
Jason Gold Photographer/Artist
Denise Goldberg Photographer
Adam Goldman Folk Singer
Kiana Gomillion R&B Singer
Brandon Gonyea Black Water Bride Musician
Rick Gonyo Arts Supporter
Tony Gonzalez Music Publisher
Ronald Goodwin Arts Supporter
Nakki Goranin Photographer/Writer
Jon Gordon Photographer
Spencer Gordon Photographer
Steven Gottlieb Music Industry Professional
Monique Goubault Music Industry Professional
Ed Gould Arts Supporter
Steve Gould Producer
Nancy Gould Actress
Dawneen Graham Arts Supporter
Preston Graham Arts Supporter
Rosemary Graham-Gardner Investigative Journalist
Alex Grant Arts Supporter
Colleen Gray-Mackey Arts Supporter
John Greim Photographer
Dawn Grib Pastoral Musician
Colleen Griffith Photographer
Allison Grimes Photographer
Tom Grimm Photographer/Author
Paul Grimstad Songwriter/Film Composer
Phyllis Groskind Arts Supporter
Marla Grossman Filmmaker
Mark Grzegorzewski Arts Supporter
David Guleke Arts Supporter
Elizabeth Guthrie Arts Supporter
Michael Haberern Author
Greg Hadley Photographer
Thomas Haight Wildlife Photographer
Pierre Halfquiz Composer/Arranger/Performer
Joshua Hall Musician/Composer/Producer
Roland Hallen Musician
Janice Hallman Arts Supporter
Adam Hamilton Writer
Circe Hamilton Photographer
Ed Hamlin Photographer
Roland Hanneman Composer
Julie Hanrahan Arts Supporter
Darrick Hansen Musician/Writer
Trenton Hanson Filmmaker
Scott Hardin Songwriter
Kevin Harkins Photographer
Mary Louise Harris Commercial Photographer
James Harrison National Writers Union Member/ Writer
Matthew Harrison Filmmaker
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Rachel Hart Librarian
Terry Hart Musician
David Hartig Photographer/Artist
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Devlin Hartline Author
Robert Haslag Arts Supporter
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Pat Haverfield Arts Supporter
Mary Haverfield Illustrator/Author/Painter
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Linda Heath Arts Supporter
Joshua Heffron Illustrator/Painter
Richard Heinlein Writer/Poet
Chris Hellstrom Musician
Lois Hemm Arts Supporter
Helen Henderson Author
Julie Henderson Writer
Debbie Hennessey Singer and Songwriter
Yoel Henriquez Songwriter/Producer
Robert Henry Composer/Performer
Christopher Henson Photographer
Lana Henson Metal Sculptor
A.L. Hern Writer
Eric Hernandez Photographer
Scott Herring Industry Software Developer
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William Hewett Songwriter
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Dennis Hill Content Creator
Douglas Hill Photographer
Karie Hillery Musician/Songwriter
Gareth Hinds Author/Illustrator
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Alec Hirschfeld Cinematographer
Amy Hobish Songwriter
Charles Hochberg Photographer
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David Holmes Songwriter/Actor/Director
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Eddie Huchro Actor
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David Hughes Music Industry Executive
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Ric Hyde Photographer/Painter/Printmaker
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Randall Hyman Arts Supporter
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Burleigh Johnson Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Jason Jones Photographer
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Christopher Jones Filmmaker
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David Julson-Rieley Songwriter
Antal Kalik Stunt man
James Kapcheck Songwriter
Franklin Kapustka Arts Supporter
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Dean Kay Songwriter/Music Publisher
Justin Kay Actor/Visual Artist
Laurie Victor Kay Photographer
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Ken Keller Author
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Gordon Kennedy Composer of Music/Sculptor/Writer
Liz Kennedy Music Industry Professional
Carolyn Kennedy Graupner Writer
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Kathleen Keske Opera Singer
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Valerie Kim Photographer
Chana Kime Arts Supporter
Royal Wade Kimes Country Music Singer
Janice Kirkwood Songwriter
Diana Kliche Arts Supporter
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Roberta Knox Fine artist/Watercolorist
Edward Knuff Photographer
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Braxton Koch Music Industry Professional
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Dawn Kosec Arts Supporter
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Brant Kotch Arts Supporter
Charles Kouri Playwright
John H Kraemer Arts Supporter
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John Krill Photographer
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Emily Krzan Photographer
Richard Kuntze Photographer
Judith Kushner Fashion Designer
Stephen La Serra Arts Supporter
David LaBuda Songwriter/Composer
Doug Lady Hal Leonard Corporation
Hannele Lahti Artist
Derek Lamb Composer
Tom Lamb Photographer
Bonnie Lamma Fine Art Photographer
Linda Lancaster Carey Photographer
Hugo Landaverde Arts Supporter
Mark Landis Arts Supporter
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Caroline Lane Supporter
Dorrie Lane Visual Artist/Fiber
Martin Lane Writer
Patrick Langlinais Photographer
Tim Lank Arts Supporter
Alice Lankford Songwriter
Barbara Lanza Freelance Illustrator
Timothy Larkin Arts Supporter
Adam Lasus Producer/Songwriter
Pilar Law Photographer
Lewis Lawer Lyricist
Matthew Layton Musician
Ryan Layton Guitarist
Emily Lazar Musician
Robert Lazzarini Photographer
Gary Leadmon Photographer
Jan Leder Jazz Musician
Simon Lee Photographer
Virginia Lee Retired Writer
Kenneth Leech Musician
Matt Lefevre Musician
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Matt Lemmler Composer/Musician/Educator
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Ronald Lewis Publisher
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Verick McCall Designer
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James McConkey Musician
Greg McCorkle Photographer
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John Mullaly Founder of ShareRight.net
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Michael Nelson Arts Supporter
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Steven Nistor Musician
Danny Nogueiras Musician/Producer
Tina Noland Arts Supporter
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Seth Norman Writer
Abby North Composer
Samuel Notabartolo Arts Supporter
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Jo Oppenheimer Photographer
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Alvaro Paiva Bimbo Guitarist/Composer/Producer
Sue Carole Pajak Arts Supporter
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Eric Palmquist Music Producer
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Michelle Press Artist Representative
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Susan Puscheck Arts Supporter
Arts Supporter
Hillary Quella Photographer
Leon Rabasa Songwriter/Music Publisher/Composer
Theresa Raffetto Photographer
Lisa Ragsdale Composer
Matthew Rakola Photographer
Tim Ramirez Musician/Songwriter
Tiffany Randol Songwriter
Sallie Randolph Author
John Ransom Musician
Justin Raro Songwriter
Mary Rasenberger Arts Supporter
Ronald Ratner Arts Supporter
Mark Reback Musician
Maryellen Redish Actor
Liz Redwing Music Publishing
John Reed Creative
Mike Reed Arts Supporter
Bethany Rees Photographer
Misti Reif Photographer
Paul Ames Reinhold Arts Supporter
Terry Renna Photographer
Wendy Reppert Arts Supporter
Elodia Resendez Painter/Writer
Seth Resnick Photographer
Winston Reynolds Copyright Manager
Bob Rich Writer
Eric Richards Professional Photographer
Jerome Richard Author
Graham Richman The Rooks Musician
Lynette Ridder Arts Supporter
John Ridenour Musician
Christine Rimmer Author
Anne Rippy Photographer
Cierna Ritts Writer
Mike River Songwriter
Javier Rivera-Diaz Arts Supporter
Gregory Roach Designer
Dan Roark Singer/Songwriter
Joe Robbins Arts Supporter
Darren Robbins Songwriter
Les Roberts Arts Supporter
Samuel Roberts Songwriter
Dahlia Robertson Author
Lynne Robin Green Music Publisher
Joyce Robinson Arts Supporter
Barbara Robinson Arts Supporter
Sharalynn Rocha Arts Supporter
Chris Roche Advertising Photographer
Manny Rodriguez Photographer
Jeff Rogers Photographer
Frank Rogozienski Arts Supporter
Arnold Roman Songwriter
Andy Romanoff Photographer
Patricia Rommel Film Editor
Tom Ronck Musician
James Ropicki Arts Supporter
Bob Roseman Arts Supporter
Anthony Rosner Writer
Jerome Roth Arts Supporter
Benjamin Rothbard Musician/Songwriter
Brigit Rotondi Film Producer/Songwriter
Sherrie Rozniecki Watercolorist
Brandon Ruckdashel Filmmaker
Joseph Rush Musician
Linda Rushoe Arts Supporter
Martin Ruttenberg Arts Supporter
Ben Ruwe Musician
Jeremy Ruzich Photographer
Brad Ryba Arts Supporter
Erik Rydberg Arts Supporter
Thomas Ryon Arts Supporter
Joseph Saba Arts Consultant
Frank Sabatini Arts Supporter
Robert Safir Composer
Mikael Sandgren Music Composer
Donald Satterlee Commercial Photographer
Lon Savage Songwriter
Lucia Sawh Music Producer
Michael Sayre Composer
Don Schaefer Photographer
Joseph Schamp Artist
Darryll Schiff Fine Art Photographer
Chuck Schilling Arts Supporter
Dean Schlabowske Songwriter/Musician
John Schmelzer Illustrator/Fine Artist
Ron Schmidt Photographer
Amy Schmidt Arts Supporter
Kyle Schmierer Filmmaker (TV and Movies)
Cindy Schnackel Artist
Timothy Schroeder Photographer
Gonzalo Schroeder Songwriter
Gary Haig Schultz Composer
Amy Schumacher Arts Supporter
Barry Schwartz Photographer/Writer
George Schwindt Musician
Ezell Scott Digital and Traditional Painter
Jennifer Scott Arts Supporter
Steven Scott Musician
Pamela Scoville Author
Donny Seals Arts Supporter
Douglas Sedon Arts Supporter
Jonathan Segel Composer
Ellen Seidler Filmmaker
Tom Seidman Writer/Director
Dan Sellers Photographer
Patrick Sennello Arts Supporter
Jim Sennett Arts Supporter
Kathleen Serrano Arts Supporter
Darren Setlow Commercial Photographer
John Sexton Photographer
Ken Sexton Photographer/Creative Director
John Sexton Photographer
Scott Seyfried Black Water Bride Musician
Silas Shabelewska Arts Supporter
Lisa Shaftel Illustrator
Eric Shanower Cartoonist
William Sharfman Writer
Jonathan Sharkey ASCAP/AFM Local 47
Lynn Shauinger Poet
Billy Shaw Recording Engineer/Producer
David Shelton Novelist
Carol Shelton Painter
Ted Shelton Musician
Ken Shepherd Manager
Cary Sherman Arts Supporter
Eileen Sherman Lyricist/Playwright/ Author
Anne Sherrill Photographer
Dan Sherwood Photographer
Judy Shively Arts Supporter
Michelle Shocked Singer/Songwriter/Owner/Operator
Michael Shores Arts Supporter
Kathleen Shores Arts Supporter
John Shorney Publisher
Jackie Shumaker Photographer
Melissa Sigman Writer/Researcher/Artist
Karen Silhol Music Industry Professional
Jeremy Silver Songwriter
Dylan Silvers Arts Supporter
Daniel Simmons Music producer
Nona Simmons Artist
Robert Simmons Artist/Record Label Owner
Jill Simon Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter
Rusty Simpson Writer/Painter
Kelly Sineni Arts Supporter
John Singleton Photographer
Ashok Sinha Photographer
Tara Sitser Singer/Songwriter
Dave Skogley Arts Supporter
Carol Sky Painter and Photographer
Julie Slater-Giglioli Designer/Artist Lettering Artist
Jolene Sliwka Arts Supporter
Robert Slomer Artist
Michael Slonecker Attorney
Daniel Smalley Singer/Songwriter/musician
Jennifer Smith Arts Supporter
Diane Smith Artist/Photographer/Poet
Deborah Smith Arts Supporter
Gene Smith Photographer
Greg Smith Photographer
Adam Smith Composer/Musician
Ali Smith Photographer
Mary Smith Arts Supporter
Roger Smith Photographer
Dimitri Smith Musician/Composer/Songwriter
Kristine Smith Author
Edward Smith Writer
Art Smoker Arts Supporter
Diane Smook Photographer
Elizabeth Smyth Employee of Musical Artist
Shondra Snodderly Writer
Randy Snook Photographer
Vince Snowberger Arts Supporter
Jon Solmos Graphic Designer
Kevin Song Arts Supporter
Geri Soriano-Lightwood Musician/Songwriter
Lilvia Soto Writer
Rick Souders Photographer
Paul Speer Recording Artist
John Paul Spencer Songwriter
Ian Spiers Commercial Visual Artist
John Spinhirne Photographer
Greg Spradlin Musician/Songwriter
Ann St. Clair Writer
Jennifer St. Clair Musician/Writer
Joe Starch Arts Supporter
Alice Starcke Photographer
Mark Starr Author
Robert Steele Keyboardist
Mitchell Stephens Arts Supporter
Bobby Stewart Singer/Songwriter
Jeff Stewart Singer/Songwriter
Karen Stickney Arts Supporter
Daryl Stinchfield Photographer
Stephen Stinson Photographer
David Stirling Architect
Pat Stoddard Photographer
Tory Stoffregen Musician
Mika Stonehawk Arts Supporter
Eric Stordahl Arts Supporter
Mark Stout Photographer
Derek Strove Musician/Recording Engineer
John Struth Artist
Ann Stuckey Widow of Writer Nat Stuckey
Jeremy Sturgell Designer
Carol Suchecki Arts Supporter
Sharon Sullivan Writer
Craig Sweat Professional Photographer
Sean Sweeney Photographer
Jan Switzer Arts Supporter
Harland Sylling Arts Supporter
Justin Szlasa Filmmaker/Tech Entrepreneur
Polly Tarpley Arts Supporter
Melvin Taylor Arts Supporter
Thayne Taylor Songwriter/Composer
David Taylor II Songwriter/Musician/Producer
Nicholas Terry Musician
Scott Teven Artist
Jonathan Thomas Photographer
Janka Thomas Copywriter
Paul Thomas Songwriter/Musician
Christopher Thompson Photographer
Wayne Thompson Photographer
Dustin Thornton Photographer/Visual Artist
Chriselle Tidrick Dancer
Brooks Tipton Musician/Printmaker/Photographer
Jordan Tishler Producer/Mixer
Philip Tobias Photographer/Writer/Graphic Artist
Rodney Todt Photographer
Amy Toensing Photographer
Eve Toomey Arts Supporter
Carlos Tomas Producer/Songwriter
Giovanna Tonelli Arts Supporter
Justin Torner Photographer
Nelly Torres Arts Supporter
Bil Torres Arts Supporter
Ralph Torres Songwriter/Performer
Phillip Torres Arts Supporter
Erline Towner Arts Supporter
John Townsend Musician/Songwriter
John Travis Writer/Producer
Peter Treiber Arts Supporter
Robert Trudeau Arts Supporter
Dave Trumfio Artist
Susan Tunney Writer/Musician
Donna Turello Arts Supporter
Michael Turek Photographer
Neil Turkewitz Music Industry Professional
Jacob Turnbloom Singer/Songwriter
Richard Tuschman Photographer
Mary Unobsky Songwriter
Linda Urban Photographer
Walter Uriw Photographer
Monica Valdez Arts Supporter
Cindy Vallar Writer
Jeffrey Van Composer/Performer
Rhon Van Erman Songwriter
Rush Varela Photographer
Brian Vaughan Songwriter
Patrick Vaughan Writer
Albert Vecerka Photographer
John Venter Arts Supporter
Marie-Anne Verougstraete Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Myra Vides Photographer
Brian Vikander Photographer
Barbara Viken Photographer
Carlos Villalobos Jr Songwriter/Artist
Cristina Vinces Arts Supporter
Ami Vitale Photographer
Jeanine Vitale Photographer
Paul Vogelzang Arts Supporter
Aneal Vohra Arts Supporter
Steve Voorhees Arts Supporter
Eric Voorhies Arts Supporter
Ralph Waclawicz Artist
Roger Wade Photographer
Gary Wagner Photographer
Donna Wagoner Arts Supporter
Sharon Wakefield Arts Supporter
John Walcott Photographer
James Walker Photographer
Lynn Walker Writer
Richard Walker Songwriter
Kenneth Walters Photographer
Janet Walters Writer
Jerry Ward Photographer
Richard Watson Arts Supporter
Harold Watson Arts Supporter
Kristina Wells Arts Supporter
Suzy Wear Arts Supporter
Michael Weaver Musician
Cherese Weaver Artist
Katharine Webster Journalist/Author
Judy Webster Arts Supporter
Victoria Weems Music Industry Professional
Robert Weiman Arts Supporter
Henry Weinberg Arts Supporter
Susan Welch Arts Supporter
Ted Weldon Musician
David Wells Photographer
Bob Werre Photographer
Eric Wessman Photographer
Vern West Photographer
Fred Wester Arts Supporter
Bruce Wheeler Musician
Alison Whittington Mapmaker
Michael Whyte Songwriter
Anna Wieder Actor
Thomas Wiewandt Professional Photographer/Author
Amy Wiggins Photographer
Robert Wilcox Theatre Director/Actor/Writer
Robert Wilde Photographer
Chauncey Wiley Photographer/Designer
John Wiley Photographer
Kimberly Wiley Arts Supporter
Stephanie Wiley Photographer
Steve Wilkings Photo Archivist
Peggy Willett Writer/Photographer
Felicia Williams Arts Supporter
Cheryl Williams Writer
Brittney Williams Freelance Photographer
Paul Williams Musician/Writer
Greg Wilson Architectural Photographer
Michael Wilson Producer/Performer
Dallas Windham Arts Supporter
Sarah Windsor Songwriter/Singer ASCAP
Bryan Winget Photographer
Jonathan Wisely Industry Executive
William Wittman Songwriter/Producer
Regina Woiler Arts Supporter
Joy Wolden Arts Supporter
Kathleen Wolfe Arts Supporter
Juliette Wolf-Robin Arts Supporter
Jack Woodbridge Pianist/Singer/Composer
Carlton Woodell Photographer
Eric Woodward Photographer
Nancy Woodwell-Freedman Arts Supporter
Jim Work Visual Artist
Lacey Wozny Arts Supporter
Carolyn Wright Lawyer for Photographers/Photographer
Christopher Wright Singer/Guitarist
Janet Yacht Arts Supporter
Paul Yaklich Music Artist
Olu Yemisi Songwriter/Choreographer/Filmmaker
Margaret Yescombe Arts Supporter
Maximillian Zabolotny Arts Supporter
Corrie Zacharias Photographer
Marya Zanders Textile Artist /Translator
Andrew Zaragoza Arts Supporter
John Zillioux Photographer
Philip Zimmerman Photographer/Writer
John Zimmerman Designer/Photographer
Frank Zimmermann Photographer
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