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The Hon. Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay graduated from the University of Houston in 1970 with a BS degree in biology and immediately went to work in the pest control industry. By 1976, he was running his own pest control company Albo Pest Control, but he soon realized that unconstitutional government was interfering with his dream. In 1978, Tom DeLay ran and was elected to the Texas state legislature and served there for six years. In 1984, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives. While serving in Congress DeLay was elected by his peers to many positions of leadership.  He was very instrumental in organizing and implementing the Contract with America that led to the first Republican majority in 60 years, and he was elected Majority Whip in the House. As majority whip, DeLay was responsible for passing a constitutional conservative agenda for eight years and he never lost one vote.

A leading conservative on the national stage, Tom DeLay was the former House Majority Leader, the second ranking leader in the United States House of Representatives. As Majority Leader, he was responsible for developing the issues and policies that formed the Republican agenda.  For an example, during his last year as Leader, DeLay successfully led the House to pass the most ambitious and conservative legislative agenda they had ever seen, which included an ambitious energy bill, a comprehensive border security bill that did not reward illegal immigrants with amnesty, breaking up the liberal Ninth Circuit and limiting the jurisdiction of the courts, and instituting an annual mandatory budget reconciliation process that cut $40 billion in entitlement spending.  Under his leadership, Congress achieved  a real cut in non-defense discretionary spending, and, while fighting a war, kept the overall percentage of spending down to the lowest levels since Ronald Reagan.

When DeLay decided to leave Congress in 2006, he immediately went to work researching how the Democrats have built their outside operations and massive political coalitions, and rebuilding the conservative movement by identifying and filling the voids so conservatives could better compete in this new political paradigm.  Despite repeated Democrat attempts to drive him out of politics, DeLay has thrived in a new arena, with the sole goal to help conservatives, whether through new or previously existing organizations, work together to drive their message. 

As the founder of First Principles, LLC, a D.C. based consulting firm, DeLay works with a range of political organizations in the fields of grassroots, new media, communications, and issue advocacy, as well as giving his strategic advice to political committees, candidates, and elected officials. 

In addition to his business and political work, DeLay travels around the country delivering speeches to conservative organizations, Republican events, and college campuses.  In 2006, DeLay co-authored the New York Time’s best selling book titled “No Retreat, No Surrender: One American’s Fight” which includes his memoirs, an ambitious conservative agenda that can unite Republicans, and his call on conservatives to rebuild the movement based upon the First Principles of Order, Justice, and Freedom.   Whether it’s national television and radio interviews, writing for TownHall.com, or offering commentary and analysis for major media, DeLay is one of the most-sought after conservatives on the national scene.  

In addition to his political work, DeLay and his wife, Christine, continue to be outspoken advocates for foster care reform and were actively involved in Rio Bend, a unique foster care community in Richmond, Texas, that provides safe, permanent homes for abused and neglected kids. 

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