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ACU Statement on Omnibus Bill

May 3, 2017

WASHINGTON DC — The American Conservative Union is opposed to HR 244, the Omnibus Appropriations bill.

First, voting on a 1,600 page bill released at 2am Monday and voted on two days later is disrespectful of American taxpayers and the Members of Congress they elected to represent them.  Conservatives—even those who are members of the House Appropriations Committee—were frozen out of the process and were not given the privilege of knowing what was in the bill, a privilege extended to Democrats.

As for the content of the bill, we do appreciate the gains in defense, border security, and charter schools.  We are nevertheless disappointed that Republicans continue to use budget gimmicks to fund increases in spending for many of the Left’s favorite programs over Fiscal Year 2016 levels, programs that in many cases were increased substantially under the Obama Administration.

A few examples:

Many other wasteful programs did not get one dollar cut from last year.  They include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Legal Services Corporation.

Conservatives have earned the right to be part of the process.  This has not been the case and this bill deserves to be rejected.


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