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2012 Electoral College

The ACU Political Action Committee is the political arm of the American Conservative Union.  The committee is a registered PAC that supports candidates for office who reflect the conservative principles on which the ACU was founded.  The goals of the ACU PAC are to increase the number of quality candidates who share our commitment to conservative principles and to protecting and advancing the fiscal, social, and security priorities of the Reagan era.  These funds are utilized in conjunction with endorsements and public announcements to communicate our support for chosen candidates to their constituents and conservatives across the nation.

In the new political era, marked by fearless conservative candidates and an exceedingly engaged citizenry, there are innumerable ways to impact the political debate and shift our allies to the right.  A successful, well-funded political action committee keeps the American Conservative Union relevant and influential on the issues of greatest importance to our membership, both at the national and state levels, in general and primary elections.

In 2010, the ACU PAC supported leading conservatives elected to the Senate, including Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, and Ron Johnson.  In the House, ACU PAC endorsed conservatives in primary contests across the country, such as Randy Hultgren in Illinois, Jeff Landry in Louisiana, and Steve Southerland in Florida.  ACU PAC’s get-out-the-vote effort, both on traditional voter contact fronts and new media battlegrounds, helped elect dozens of conservatives to the House, ushering in the most conservative freshman class in generations.

In 2014, ACU ramped up its involvement on behalf of conservative candidates and was instrumental in electing long time conservative activist Alex Mooney to Congress from West Virginia. In a concerted get out the vote campaign in targeted races, ACU placed nearly 100,000 live calls, ran a TV ad campaign and sent out nearly 300,000 pieces of direct mail.  In addition, the ACU Political Action Committee endorsed and made contributions to scores of conservative candidates for Governor, Senator and key House candidates.

ACU has a long storied tradition of political activity, from establishing a primary challenger to Richard Nixon to being a significant donor of Ronald Reagan campaigns. We know what matters in American politics and support candidates who embrace our core values. We are proud to have supported key conservatives in races where we know we can make a difference. In the 2014 cycle, we reignited our political efforts by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on independent expenditures and contributing to scores of winning candidates. Our traditions have paved the way for a future of political success.  ​

Candidates / 2014 Successes


Asa Hutchinson


T J Shannon
Ben Sasse
Jeff Bell
Thom Tillis
Steve Daines
Cory Gardner


Steve Southerland FL 2
Marsha Blackburn TN 7
Alex Mooney WV 2
Mick Mulvaney SC 5
Barry Loudermilk GA 11
Rod Blum IA 1
Barbara Comstock VA 10
Carlos Curbelo FL 26
Scott Garrett NJ 5
Jeb Hensarling FL 5
Mimi Walters CA 45
Rick Allen GA 12v Mia Love UT 4
Bruce Westerman AR 4
Marlin Stutzman IN 3
Mark Walker NC 6
Chuck Fleishmann TN 3
Ken Buck CO 4
Dave Brat VA 7v Steve Chabot OH 1
Tom McClintock CA 4
Glen Grothman WI 6
Todd Rokita IN 4
David Rouzer NC 7
Ryan Zinke MT AL
Buddy Carter GA 1
Frank Guinta NH 1
Martha McSally AZ 2
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