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ACU Opposes H.R. 2997 – 21st Century AIRR Act

September 12, 2017

As Members return to Washington and the House begins a short week with a great deal of business left on the calendar, ACU took the opportunity to reach out to Congress regarding an upcoming vote on H.R. 2997- The 21st Century AIRR Act of 2017. ACU has looked at the bill and after careful review, including an in-depth analysis from the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), we have determined that the bill does not meet the standards of legislation we can endorse, and we further urge Congress to oppose and VOTE NO on the legislation. Two recent articles (here and here) make clear that ACU, a leading voice for conservatives, is speaking out on why the 21st Century AIRR Act fails to meet the standards in order to win conservative support.

Our full statement below:

ACU Opposes 21st Century AIRR Act, Citing ACUF Analysis
and Seven Principles of Privatization


Alexandria, VA – The American Conservative Union (ACU) urges Members of Congress to oppose H.R. 2997 – The 21st Century AIRR Act. The legislation was marketed as privatizing a federally-provided service; unfortunately the bill misses the mark. ACU’s educational counterpart, the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), recently established the “Seven Principles of Privatization.” Comparing H.R. 2997 to those principles shows that the bill fails in five of seven elements. ACU calls on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to draft legislation that builds on a framework of authentic privatization.

While ACU is grateful for the efforts of Chairman Shuster, as well as Members and staff on the committee, the current bill does not move forward in a direction towards real privatization. In ACUF’s analysis, several important factors help explain why the 21st Century AIRR Act comes up short, and why ACU must oppose the current framework.

The bill fails to meet the standard with respect to specific issues on privatization, including: transfer of ownership, competition, employment, and compensation. The bill also fails when weighed against the interests of consumers and taxpayers, as massive increases in fees would take place and taxpayers would incur costs of up to $180 million as a result of the legislation.

The full ACUF analysis of H.R. 2997 can be found here.

Congressional leaders have said they will extend the FAA reauthorization, and that is the right thing to do in order to provide more time for a new bill to be crafted and brought to the floor. Any new FAA bill should be able to pass the test of the Seven Principles of Privatization if any real, meaningful, and long-lasting reform is going to be achieved.

ACU urges all Members of Congress to look at the newly released Seven Principles for Privatization, read ACUF’s analysis, and vote NO on H.R. 2977, the 21st Century AIRR Act.

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